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Who We Are

Big Woods Elementary School serves students in grades 1-4 in St. Michael with an amazing team of dedicated teachers, excellent elementary programming, and a focus on supporting students as individuals. We are focused on building relationships in meaningful ways with our staff, students, families, and community to provide the support and encouragement needed for all students to succeed. 

By collaborating and connecting with parents and guardians throughout the year, the Big Woods team sets the expectations for every student and provides an individualized approach to meet their needs. Our mission is to provide a safe educational environment where students are encouraged to develop lifelong learning skills which nurture positive attitudes and self-worth. To achieve our mission, we will:

  • Engage in continuous improvement of teaching and learning.

  • Engage in continuous improvement of student support systems and programs. 

  • Align people and organizational resources to sustain student and district success.

  • Cultivate family and community connections and increase advocacy to support every student in our care.

Our students don’t just learn grade level standards and achieve goals, they learn how to be lifelong learners in a tradition of excellence. The Big Woods Elementary School staff are excited to be able to be part of your child’s educational journey!